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2023-2024 Schedule

Enrollment opens 6/26 for 2023-2024 Season!
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Littleton Contemporary Dance Center
Littleton Contemporary Dance Center

LCDC Levels

DDM Walking to 3 w/ grownup

DDT 2/3 yrs old

DD1 3/4 yrs old

DD2 & Tiny Tappers/Tiny Hip Hoppers 4/5 yrs old

Explore levels Kindergarten

Level 1 6-8yrs old (1-2 yrs experience)

Level 2 8-10yrs old (2-4 yrs experience)

Level 3 10-16 yrs old (4-6 yrs experience)

Level 4 13-18 yrs old (6+ yrs experience)

For more details please visit the Dress Code and Requirements page.

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Email, call or text us with any questions. We are happy to answer them!

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