DiscoverDance and COVID 

With our cleaning procedures, excellent spaced out studios, class structures and limited class sizes, we know that LCDC is a safe place to bring your dancer.  Will class look a little different?  Yes, but it will still give them joy and the ability to dance all their wiggles out! Our 10x10 squares ensure the dancers will remain separate from each other during class.  


Here are a few things to note:


1. Please view our video!  Share with your dancer. This follows a young dancer into the lobby and studio of LCDC.  See what to expect and check out our new procedures.  Thank you, Audrey, for demonstrating!


2. Discover w/ Me/DiscoverDance Tots. These classes will be combined for the time being. Our youngest dancers will be accompanied by their grown-ups in these classes to make sure they stay in their special squares.  Grown-ups will wear masks, but the dancers do not need to. 


3. Purchase/Rent Props bags! For DD classes only. We know that props are an essential part of the DiscoverDance experience.  Not only are they super fun, but they give the dancer tactile sensations that are important for their development. Since we are unable to clean all the materials in a proper and timely manner each day, you MUST purchase or rent a prop bag to bring to class with you each week. Siblings may share bags as long as their classes are not simultaneous.  In that case separate bags must be purchased/rented. 


-Rent a personal prop bag for $20/session from LCDC.  We expect dancers to bring these to each class and take good care of them. They must be returned in excellent condition at the end of the session or an additional fee will apply. 


-Purchase a personal prop bag!  These bags and props will be yours to keep forever!  Please purchase the bags HERE. There are two options you will purchase.

1. Option 1: Personal Prop Kit with Premium Shoulder Bag- $45

2. Option 2: Personal Prop Kit with Drawstring Bag- $35


Each purchased bag will include: 2 shaker eggs, 2 bean bags, 2 ribbon rings, 2 scarves, 2 rhythm sticks and bag. 


4. Masks.  All dancers ages 3 and up will be required to wear masks throughout their time at LCDC. We know this can seem daunting at such a young age. We have watched several 3 year olds handle their masks great!  We take frequent mask breaks where dancers can get water and air out during class.  Luckily our classes are only 30-45 minutes long (quicker than a grocery trip!). Why so young?  We are complying with Denver County's ordinance and due to the active nature of our classes, masks are important and necessary to offer a safe space to dance. 

5. Lobby.  We are unable to let parents enter the lobby before, during and after classes.  This is in accordance with the state and county policies.  Teachers and staff will be there to assist dancers with their shoes and getting settled into their squares.  The acceptation to this is for our DD1 classes.  Grown-ups may sit spaced 6 feet apart during class to help with their potty training dancers. Thank you for your compliance!

The DiscoverDance Early Childhood Program is a series of movement classes designed to introduce children to the creative and expressive world of dance. Music, movement, visuals, and props will enhance your dancer’s love of the art form and the unique conceptual approach to dance education will provide the opportunity for cognitive growth.

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Littleton Contemporary Dance Center proudly offers these classes:

Discover with Me! (Walking-Age 3 w/ Adult) 

DiscoverTOTS (Age 2/3)

DiscoverDance 1 (Age 3/4)

DiscoverDance 2 (Age 4/5)