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Day of Show Schedule at Theater- 
10:00a show (all DD levels, all Explore levels, LCDC Companies)
9:00 - LCDC Companies
9:15 - All 10:00a dancers arrive and start lining up to practice bow on stage. 

1:00p Show (Levels 1-4, Teen Open, Adult classes, LCDC Companies)
11:30 - Levels 3, 4 and Teen Open arrive
11:45 - Levels 3, 4 and Teen Open warm up 
12:00 - All others arrive (Levels 1, 2, Adults and LCDC Companies) and start lining up for bow on stage.
12:15 - Practice bow on stage

5:00 Show

4:15 - All dancers arrive- no warm up or bow practice

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Participation Info page 2.jpg
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